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Baltimore Loves Tasha K

On April 14th 2024, Tasha K gave a high energy performance at the Baltimore Comedy Factory with 500 strong from the proud black community of Baltimore. It was shall we say: "Delicious"

If you don't know who Tasha K is, you better start checking into her. Our opinion is that she is on the way to the top without a doubt. The Saturday Morning Vogue Review was on site with Tasha K and what a performance she gave. Uncut, unplugged, unfiltered and triple X, but comical and all in good fun. Hard core comedy at its best. There isn't anything she won't say and that was made it most entertaining. People were on the edge of their seats. She kept the room hot and on fire. Not a dull moment and worth every dime paid for those who were lucky enough to see the show.

The women in the audience were drawn close to Tasha K as they could relate to her strait comedy talk and no holds barred opinions. Overall, Tasha K had the whole place laughing to the floor and gasping for air. Even the guys were loving it as this is not a performance just for women.

Saturday Morning Vogue Review CEO Barry Donadio was also at the performance and gave high accolades for her show. He said this about her performance.

"Tasha K is unstoppable! I loved seeing her connect with the Baltimore community. They simply loved her. Super energetic show and did I mention funny. I personally have not laughed like this is a long time. Her loyal fans erupted at the end of her show seeking pictures with her and big Baltimore hugs. What a powerful experience to witness. Lots of joy in that crowd. Come back to Baltimore Tasha K, we want more! "

Comedian Tasha K  (Latasha Kebe) is with Barry Donadio in Baltimore City on April 15th 2024
Taska K and Barry Donadio

We have learned that Tasha K will be appearing in Philadelphia and in New York on July 21st 2024 at City Winery NYC. Keep an eye on this hot talent.

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