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Princess of Wopowog

       Behold, The Princess Of Wopowog

On Long Island, New York sits a beautiful village named Stony Brook, but to the original indigenous inhabitants it was called Wopowog. The Saturday Morning Vogue Review brings to you a native of Wopowog as she watches over her lands and enriches herself in the Wopogagian sun. 

Princess of Wopowog
I am the Princess Of Wopowog
A tribute to the indigenous people of Long Island  and  their beautiful way of life. The Saturday Morning Vogue Review is on site in Stony Brook, New York with the Princess of Wopowog.
Princess of Wopowog
I was born in the place my people Wopowog on the island of Matouwacs
Princess of Wopowog
My brothers are the Canarsie, the Rockaways, the Merriicks, the Massapequas, the Matinecocks, the Nissaquogues, the Setaukets, the Corchaugs, the Secatogues, the Unkechaugs, the Shinnecock, the Montaukett and the Manhansets.
Princess of Wopowog
I love my land and my people
I live amongst the vast pines and eat the abundant fruit berries on my land. I walk to the south of the island and eat the fish that swim in the creek we call Penatiquit.
Princess OF Wopowog
My spirit will always zealously remain here and I shall forever be the Princess of Wopowog.
The Saturday Morning Vogue Review on location at Avalon Park, Stony Brook, New York. Suffolk County, Long Island with the elegant model Dona Catalina Donadio
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