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.Model Dona Donadio "Princess of Wopowog"

Only for the dashing, daring & debonair

Join us for a Saturday Morning Vogue Review exclusive photo shot in Stony Brook with the; The Princess of Wopowog.


A beautiful woman in blue on the Connectquot River




















Only for the dashing, daring & debonair

The Saturday Morning Vogue Review provides readers a fresh prospective on up to date news, the latest fashions, beautiful places, very interesting people,  our military people, the latest gossip, and more for 2024

Join us on the shoreline of the Connetquot River for the ultimate escape to relax and breath in the clean air.  Millionaires lived and played here.  Now, it is a place open to the public where the vogue, and intellectuals go for a constitutional.  Warning: You will far in love with this place.

Barry Donadio

Barry Donadio is a famous author and decorated veteran who has led an extraordinary life of service. Born in Bay Shore, New York, Donadio has served honorably in the military, law enforcement, and the U.S. Secret Service, where he protected Presidents Bush and Obama. His military honors include the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and Air Force Commendation Medal.

Barry Donadio on an 

afternoon constitutional 

at the Paca House in Annapolis

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