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Author Hector Delatorre Sanchez, Gone At Age 72

The Mexican born Author who moved to the United States and lived the American dream died today in Waco, Texas. Hector published his book in Spanish “El Poder De La Sangre” “The Power Of The Blood” on October 7th, 2018.

Hector Delatorre Sanchez

Christian Testimony Author 

The family of Author Hector Delatorre Sanchez announced that he had passed away of an unspecified cause after spending a few days in the hospital. The passing came to a complete surprise to his family and friends.

Approximately 12 members of Hector’s church gathered at his home to pray for his recovery with his family. They came to give thanks for all he had done for the Christian community two days prior to his passing.

Hector, his wife and 5 children came to the United States from Saltillo, Mexico seeking the American dream. He opened up his own business and later purchased a home in Hewitt, Texas.

 His generosity crossed international borders.​

Hector and his wife were very active in the Christian community in and around Waco. He would often offer funds, food and clothing to residents in need. On many occasions he would drive from the Waco area to Mexico to donate and distribute food and clothing to the poor and needy.

His grace granted him great wisdom and he felt it would be important to share it with others so they could learn “The way to a successful Christian Life”

Although the book is written entirely in Spanish, the family hopes to publish an translated English addition to reach more persons seeking Hector’s wisdom and advise. All proceeds from Hector’s book will go to his widow.

Services for Hector have not yet been announced.

Barry Donadio, Saturday Morning Vogue Review

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