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Official Statement To Veterans of Afghanistan 

​From Barry Donadio

August 17th 2021

To all Afghanistan Veterans. You have served and protected us for 20 years from the chaos that we are witnessing there today. The people of the United States appreciate your protection as well as the people of Afghanistan. Your service was in no way in vein. Not even close. You kept us safe from attacks launched from there. You prevented terrorists from operating in their preferred battle space. You showed America's enemies that we will react when we are attacked. You showed them that we will bring tyrants to justice. You brought peace and hope to a people that have not known it for a generation. You protected children and liberated women. You created an environment for them to have equal rights. They even have the right to vote because of your service there. Mission accomplished twenty times over. Hold your heads high and get ready for the next task. We need you, love you and back you 100%. I am always here if you need me. God bless you and God bless America!

Barry Donadio

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