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Barry Donadio Endorses Trump For President 2024

Donald Trump and Barry Donadio (photo by Christy Bowe-Imagecatcher News)

On November 27th 2022, Barry Donadio a Conservative Republican Politician and Sergeant At Arms of the Maryland Republican Party endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States for the 2024 election.

Donadio said “ I endorse and support President Donald Trump because he has been a great contributor to the safety and security of the United States. Trump has always supported our military, law enforcement and our first responders. He has always put Americans first. All of us before the criminal and he never supported defunding the police.“

“I remember the days during the last Trump administration when food, gasoline and electricity were affordable. I also remember those same days when the United States was respected as the true superpower that was and currently is. We should also remember that under Trumps last presidency, there were no new wars and no humiliating cases of retreat by U.S. armed forces.

Donadio said: “ Trump is our best choice for President and he has a proven track record of rejuvenating the U.S. economy so that all Americans can prosper.”

“President Trump will continue to protect the second amendment. He will not blame every instance of violence seen on tv on our gun rights.”

“ We need to revisit talks with North Korea. To not be talking to them is really counterproductive to world peace. Trump received not one ounce of credit for meeting with the leader of North Korea. Now, we see the value of those talks in the past with North Korea launching missile tests on a constant basis. Trump is the man to bring the U.S. back to talking with some of our opponents and resolving our differences.”

“Vote Trump in 2024" says Donadio

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